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The electromagnetic theory of light determines with the aid of constitutive relations and equations the electronic and magnetic fields produced by any assigned distribution of charge density and current density. The success of electromagnetic theory led to the collapse of the rest of Newtonian physics in the 20th century. Einstein realized that Maxwell's theory required space and time to interdependent, different coordinates of a four-dimensional space-time. Moreover, Einstein's theory of relativity showed that space was curved and the passage of time measured by one observer differed from that measured by another. These discoveries were all thoroughly incompatible with Newton's theory of motion. Thus, the study of electromagnetism has, directly or indirectly, altered how physicists understand electricity, magnetism, light, space, time, and gravity. The electric field surrounding a charge stores energy in space. Electric potential does the pulling apart of the positive and negative layers of space and the pulled-apartness stores energy. The potential is not a force, but a doing of work, an amount of energy. The energy density and the potential are part of the fundamental nature of the electric field. The ability of the electric field of one charge to exert a force on another charge is a property of its energy density. It is not the fundamental nature of the electric field. Classical physics does not pay too much attention to whether a field is a mathematical device or a real physical entity. My physics on the other hand places great emphasis on understanding the nature of things and the mechanisms by which nature works. This book stresses the unity of electromagnetic theory with electric and magnetic fields developed in parallel.



Amit Raman is a Post Graduate &M.Phil• in Physics from Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner. He is doing research in field of Ab-initio analysis of Zinc blende compounds. Presently He is Lecturer in Physics at Suratgarh P.G. College, Suratgarh, Distt. Sriganganagar, Rajasthan.
• Electrostats
• Magnetic Field and Force
• Circuit Analysis
• Time Varying Fields and Inductance
• Magnetic and Dielectric Properties
• Semiconducting Materials