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During the last few decades, comparisons of natural products from microorganisms, lower eukaryotes, animals, higher plants and marine organisms are now well documented. This book provides an easy¬to-read overview of natural products. It includes twelve chapters covering most of the aspects of natural products chemistry. Each chapter covers general introduction, nomenclature, occurrence, isolation, detection, structure elucidation both by degradation and spectroscopic techniques, biosynthesis, synthesis, biological activity and commercial applications, if any, of the compounds mentioned in each topic. Therefore it will be useful for students, other researchers and industry. The introduction to each chapter is brief and attempts only to supply general knowledge in the particular field.
This book is compelling with its extensive presentation of the natural product classes and the multitude of individual compounds. "Chemistry of Natural Products" is a substantial tome that enlightens the reader regarding the classes of natural products (occurrence, biosynthesis, analytical methods), but also describes individual compounds in these classes in detail. "Chemistry of Natural Products" cannot be expected to replace other textbooks; say as the total syntheses are described quite tersely, little beyond a listing of the synthetic steps.
• Carbohydrates
• Vitamins
• Lipids
• Proteins, Peptides and Amino Acids
• Nucleic Acids
• Feedstuffs
• Fats and Oils



Dr. Hament Panwar, is Ph.D. in Chemistry from c.C.S. University, Meerut, (U. P.) Currently he is working as
Assistant Professor in Department of Applied Chemistry, N.I.T., Meerut, (U. P.) His main area of interest is Organic synthesis. He has an experience of about 4.5 years of pharmaceutical industry and more than 6 years of teaching. During industrial job in A. P. I. - R. & D., he was awarded as "The Best Employee" in Zydus Cadilla Pharmaceuticals, Gujarat. He is approved research guide cum visiting faculty of many Universities and supervising two students. He is associate editor of Cloud publication, Indian Journal of Science, Scientific Journals (UK), Journal of Pure and Applied Science and Technology, and regular referee of many journals of reputed publications viz. Elsevier, Bentham Publication, Taylor & Francis group etc.

His synthetic work on different heterocyclic moieties has been resulted in publication of National as well as International journals possessing good impact factors. He has also presented many research papers in National and International conferences/ seminars. His knowledge and great proficiency in teaching has resulted in book writing. He has written eight books earlier for degree class students viz.; Analytical & Physical Chemistry, Amino acids and proteins, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Macromolecules, Spectroscopy, Handbook of Engineering Chemistry, Bio-Science for Engineers and Petroleum Chemistry. He is a lifetime member of several National as well as International Chemical Society and many more are under process.